Leather skirts are for that certain kind of woman who thrills to the delicious hug of luxury brushing her curves. Ms. Branice feels that leather skirts fulfill her womanly desire to be glamorous. At her home the other day, she wore her black leather skirt with a red silky blouse topped with her tan corduroy jacket.

“I just feel so sensuous,” she said as she sat in a green parlor chair and crossed her legs. “Leather skirts bring out the ‘show-off’ in me.”

Her hips were well controlled in her panty girdle beneath her panty hose and topped with a very lacy pair of pink panties.

“I love my panties with lace,” she confessed.

Lipstick and makeup completed her glamour look as she arched forward, cocked her head and pursed her lips.

“Like so many women, I just enjoy the look and the feel.,” said Branice.

Leather Skirts Thrill Elegant Mature Lady