Text Box: Hotel Convention
Voice synthesis techniques, which had been under development since the 1930's, had attracted a national symposium to publicize the exciting recent developments. Pat Godfrey and Branice had been selected by FashionTends to attend the symposium.
Pat and Branice flew to the convention city and checked into the symposium hotel, sharing a room as stipulated in the company policy.  Arriving at their hotel room about 3:30 PM on Sunday afternoon, both Pat and Branice looked forward to the get-acquainted cocktail hour scheduled at 6:30 PM.  To get themselves ready and make themselves attractive, they decided to freshen up after their airline flight.  Opening their suitcases, the women used hangers to arrange their dresses and skirtsuits in the closet alcove.  Pat opened her cosmetic case and decided to reapply her nail polish.
Pat, in her girdle, high-heels and nylons, sat in the hotel armchair, opened her bottle of nailpolish and began to apply another coat of crimson-red enamel to her nails.  The lacquer smell of the nail polish and remover quickly permeated the hotel room.  Branice decided to examine her mother's fox fur and sat on the bed facing Pat.  Both women were in their girdles, high-heels and nylons as they continued their leisurely preparations for the cocktail hour.
Pat was wearing her open-bottom Crownette girdle over her Vasserette panties.  The garters of her girdle pressed into the soft flesh of her thighs as they strained to secure the tops of her stockings.  As the women sat in the hotel room facing each other in their girdles and nylons, Pat commented, "Branice, the lipstick you're wearing looks glamorous with your wig."
"Oh, thank you, Pat.  I love my chestnut brown wig styled by Joan.  Your bra gives you such a smooth line under your cocktail dress."
"Yes, since my breast implant operation, I need the support," Pat continued, acknowledging that her cleavage bulged over the D-cups of her bra.
Pat seemed to thoroughly appreciate the compliment.  She reached behind her back and unclasped her bra, fully displaying her breasts and letting them hang unsupported from her chest.  And the breasts were large;  in fact, they were ENORMOUS!  It came as a complete surprise to Branice that Pat was so proud of her large breasts.  A leisurely interlude when the lives of two career women join momentarily can be revealing. Pat leaned forward toward Branice, arched her back, jutting out her breasts.  Pat let her fingertips and enameled nails glide over her breasts and areola as she related to Branice the story of her breast implants.
"You know, Branice," Pat confided, "I don't have any sensitivity in my breasts since my implant operation.  I feel myself bumping into things, but otherwise I don't have any sensation."
To emphasize her point, Pat's grasped both nipples between her fingertips and gently squeezed and kneaded them.  Branice watched as Pat continued to fondle and squeeze the nipples; Branice was astonished but convinced that Pat could not feel any sensation in either nipple.
As the afternoon drew to a close, the women slipped into their party dresses, stepped in their high heel and nylons down the hotel corridor, entered the elevator and descended to the get-acquainted cocktail party.