Teenage Admirers

An evening trip to Brunswick demonstrated the bounciness in her blouse captures the attention of men. As she stepped from the van, the slight evening breeze in the rapidly-approaching darkness stripped open the bodice of her jacket, revealing her sweater-girl figure. Reflexively, Branice clutched the bodice panels of the jacket and struggled against the slight breeze to mask the sensuous display and keep the bodice of the jacket draped over her bustline while she continued to walk to the entrance of the shopping center. Suddenly, just within earshot, there appeared the giggling voices of two early-teenage boys who had spied immediately her predicament, and in their magnetic focus on the bouncing sweater, had redirected their path, hurrying directly toward Branice for a closer look. Helplessly, Branice continued to step through the parking lot to the shopping entrance as the giggling boys ravaged an eyeful of her joggling bracups.

Branice felt so exposed as the giggling teenage boys approached. She felt as though she had been stripped of all wraps and was being ravaged by these two youngsters. In those few seconds, as the gentle evening breeze was flapping the lapels of her jacket and molding her blouse to her bracups to reveal the weight in her bracups joggling her stretchy bra straps uncontrollably with every step, she felt completely defenseless while being visually ravaged. Fortunately, after the incident passed and she could reflect on the actions of the boys, Branice smiled inside with a warm glow, reveling in the immediate recognition and appreciation the teenagers had given her. These young boys had firmly extended to Branice an unspoken compliment, acknowledging her attractiveness as a woman.

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