Hi Branice,


I had not anticipated having such a pleasurable time as I had with you when I signed on this morning.  I had worked late last night, I was tense and extremely frustrated.  Your kindness and understanding, along with your most wonderful conversation, put me at ease and allowed me to have an orgasm like I have not experienced in a very long timeThank you very much; I sincerely mean it.  I'm a young woman,  only 28, divorced, and have my own business.  Sometimes I find life very difficult and harsh to deal with.  I have turned to finding bi romance online, although I'm not looking for a serious relationship.  I just want to experience the warmth and love of another woman.  You apparently have been through things like this during your life and have developed the most compassionate attitude about how to help young frustrated females who have tried to hide the fact that they have bi tendencies and especially those who secretly harbor foot fetishes like me.  You suggest things to me that I'm afraid to say aloud, you seek out my most intimate desires, you satisfy me so wellThank you so much.  I hope I have the opportunity to see you online very soon for your continued help.




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