"Like so many women, I love wearing the really glamorous and feminine things," said Branice. An especially meaningful fur for me is my mother's fox fur that she gave me.

"Is there anything here that you would like to have," Mother asked.

Branice tried to appear restrained but could not repress the pent-up desire, "Yes," Branice responded, "I'd like to have your fox fur."

Mother appeared astonished but strode to her cedar chest, opened the top and withdrew a soft plastic bag containing the fox fur.† She took the fur from the bag and draped it around her shoulders, "I used to wear this fur when I was a young woman.† Here, take it if you would like to have it."

Branice could hardly contain her excitement.† With a little smile she took her Mother's fox fur and stroked it slowly to savor the luxurious feel and to anticipate the thrill of wearing her mother's fur herself.

Mother's Fox Fur

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