Jason and His Mother

The school day was over and the teenagers slowly headed for the corner soda shop. Jason had other ideas in mind and quickly disengaged himself from the after-school activities. He darted out the doorway and strode at a determined pace down the avenue, one thing in mind: he was anxious to get home, go to the upstairs bedroom and fuck his mother.

Madeline sat at home alone, waiting for her son to return home from school. She was sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed. She had chosen her nylons and high heels to show off her legs. Jason opened the door, laid down his books and called, "Hi, mom."

Madeline could see the tension of the school day concentrated in Jason's face. He needed to relax.

"Would you like to go upstairs?," Madeline inquired.

"I sure would," Jason responded.

Madeline uncrossed her legs, arose and started up the stairway. She noticed how Jason had continued to focus his gaze on her knees and legs as she arose from the chair. To tease him, she had purposely been a little careless with her skirt and slip to offer him a glimpse up her skirt. Madeline ascended the stairway as Jason followed. She took each step to offer him a provocative view as he ascended behind her. In the bedroom she could see that her plot had produced results. A prominent bulge had appeared in his pants, indicating that he had noticed. Madeline slipped down her panties but left on her girdle and nylons. Jason removed his pants, walked over to his mother and put his arms around her. Madeline could feel the forward prod of his erect member pressing against her girdle. She shifted her stance somewhat to allow his probe to find its way between her thighs.

. . . . . . .

Jason walked over directly in front of his mother and faced her with his splendidly-developed young organ projecting proudly toward her face. As he smiled at his mother and she returned his smile, he grasped the shaft of his organ near the roots and firmly gripped his member, giving it a tantalizing little pumping stroke with his muscular fingers, causing the tip of his penis to ooze a drop of clear sticky liquid that sank and hung suspended on a slender liquid thread.

Madeline smiled appreciatively at Jason, puckered her lips and threw the penis a kiss. Jason's attention was focused on the cleavage bulging from his mother's bracups. Madeline could see the focus of her son's gaze and reached behind her back to unfasten her bra. When the bracups became relaxed and the breasts drooped from her chest, Jason's penis expressed its appreciation with a strong contraction that forced more drops of the sticky liquid to exude and form a wet spot on his mother's stocking.

"My cock feels itchy," Jason complained. "I need you to suck it."

"I would love to suck it, darling," Madeline responded.

Madeline grasped the base of the penis, opened her mouth and projected her tongue to receive the head of the penis and the forward portion of the shaft. The veins of the penis bulged as Madoline's tongue and cheeks encircled the sensitive member. Madoline's saliva and Jason's semen united in a cocktail to delight Madoline's tastebuds.

Jason watched his mother begin to suck the head and forward shaft of his penis. He reached forward with his hands and cupped her face to firmly guide her tongue and cheek efforts. It felt so good to guide his mother's skull as her cheeks and tongue played along the most sensitive part of his penis. Madeline paused momentarily to roll her eyelids up and make eye contact with Jason. As Madeline lips relaxed their tight grip around the shaft of his penis, Jason could see the faint smile on his mother's lips even though his massive penis projected deep into her mouth. Then Madeline released eye contact and renewed the firm grip of her lips around the shaft of her son's penis.

Reacting to a momentary whim to tease her young son, Madeline broke from their embrace and walked to the center of the room. She unfastened her garters and removed her girdle. Next she slipped down her nylons and removed them but left on her high heels. Then she faced away from Jason and did a deep touch-the-ankles maneuver to widely-spread her buttocks and give her young son a complete view.

Jason responded to the tease. With his shaft thrusting upward and balls dangling with every step, he began chasing his mother around the room. When he caught her, his erect member once again forced its way between her thighs.

It became obvious that the two lovers needed to make their way to the bed.

Madeline flopped on the bed, dragging Jason over her. She spread her legs as her  girdle stretched the gores and her garters strained with the nylons and dimpled into her soft thighs. Jason arched his hips and aimed his shaft directly at his mother's pussy. Madeline could see that her son was well teased; she could thwart his advances and delight in how determined was his pursuit. Madeline grasped the forward portion of the penis and squeezed it between her finger tips. The penis was firm and responded with a few drops of slippery clear liquid. Madeline then took the forward portion of the penis in her fingertips and stroked the head against her vulva. It felt so good as she stroked, squeezed and played with the penis. She could sense that Jason had reached his limit and was determined to thrust his shaft into her pussy. Finally, after all the teasing, Madeline allowed the penetration and felt the entire length of the penis sink down and expand into the soft, slippery depths of her pussy.

. . . . . . .

Madeline stood near the window contemplating the events of the last couple of hours. She had slipped on her panties but not her bra. Her pendulous breasts drooped and bulged from her chest. Jason walked over and put his arm around his mother's shoulder and cupped his hand beneath her breast and gently lifted it to feel the weight. Madeline lowered her hand and let  her fingers circle her son's penis. Jason looked into his mother's eyes, and they exchanged smiles. The gentle grip and undulations that Madeline gave the penis kindled renewed vigor in the penis.

"Would you like to fuck me again?," she offered.

"I would love to fuck you again," Jason countered.

Jason and his mother returned to the bed, where Madeline positioned her pussy to receive once again her young son's penis. Jason aimed his shaft directly at his mother's pussy and allowed the head to stroke the entrance folds. Madeline could finger the shaft of the penis as Jason arched his back to aim his rod toward his mother's pussy. She could feel her girdle tug her thighs and the garters sink into her flesh as she spread her legs to receive the shaft that her young son offered. Madeline could see his arched back poised to thrust his stallion's lance, which would soon sink into her slippery juncture beneath  her girdle. The juices from the earlier fucks had drained enough from Madoline's pussy to provide a really smooth entrance of Jason's penis into his mother's vagina. When the shaft had reached the full depth, Jason and his mother paused a moment to exchange smiles, give each other a deep tongue-entwining kiss before the deeper phases of their fuck.

. . . . . . .

Madeline stood once again by the window. This time she was standing there in her high-heel boudoir slippers with no panties and no bra. Jason walked over to his mother, placed his arms around her, cupping her breast with his hand and allowed his fingers to slide down over her still-wet mound. He didn't hesitate to explore and let a finger find its way into his mother's pussy where only moments before his young-stallion tool had thrilled her with another fuck.