I had some time alone last night and tried to recall all the exciting adventures we have had over the years. As I recall, our first experience involved doing chores for you in your home... seeing you dressed to the nines... your perfume filling me with desire...feeling my heart racing inside my chest... having to rearrange my expanding shaft in my pants... feeling you press against my crotch as you steadied the ladder I was on.


It was incredibly exciting for a young boy to be in the presence of a sensuous, mature woman who loved the company of virile young men... and I was the fortunate object of your attention.


With my mind reminiscing, I then found your most recent pair of satiny panties... licked and sucked the panel of those delightful panties... wrapped them around my big throbbing cock and pumped a load of cum in them... all the while thinking about what an incredibly sexy WOMAN you are!!


Thank you for all the wonderful times we have had together. I think of you so often.


With much love,








I remember it differently . . . YOU were holding the ladder for ME . . . I had climbed up a couple of steps to look for something in my bedroom closet . . . I was informally dressed in hose and heels, open bottom girdle, and satiny panties . . . I had asked you to steady the ladder securely, so you let your fingers grip my legs and venture up my slim skirt to my garters . . . nearly to my panties . . . I felt your fingers probing and feeling . . . it felt so delightful that I was in no rush to find what I was looking for!! . . . Finally when I stepped down, I noticed that you could not stand up straight, and that you were blushing . . . I knew immediately that your young cock was constraining your posture and was demanding release . . . I suggested that you make yourself comfortable by unzipping your fly and loosening your belt . . . then BOING UP!! . . . your young cock jutted proudly . . . oozing and dripping precum . . .


I suggested that we move into the living room where I sat on the sofa, crossed my legs in nylons and heels and began to enjoy a boyish young teenager just beginning to feel his raging hormones and fiery passions . . . Just to tease you, I pulled up my skirt, made sure you could see my deep cleavage, slipped off my panties and handed them to you. You wrapped my panties around your cock and slowly began to stroke and feel the silky softness . . .


It didn't take long . . . as you stood there in the floor in front of me, your eyes roamed over my rich makeup, vivid red lipstick, bouffant hairdo, pendant earrings, . . . my cleavage and side fullness in my Jodee bra . . . my nylons, garters and heels . . .


Then your boyish young hormone-drenched cock responded . . . I watched your face . . . our eyes locked eye-to-eye in shared enjoyment . . . then your passions exploded . . . cum overflowed . . . then I took your drippy young cock in my mouth and licked and sucked your passion juice . . .I knew at that moment we had just felt the beginning of our long, long relationship . . .


Love to you,