Older Woman Visits

I would be delighted to visit you, Muskie!! . . . it will be such a thrill to meet two new young men, Glen and Justin. Be sure to let them know that I may be even a little older than their mothers, although I try to keep myself attractive and glamorous. We can all get acquainted in your living room with you four young men and Susie. Iíll be especially outfitted in my spring sweater and skirt outfit. I think you will like it. The slim skirt hugs a mature womanís hips and girdle, even offering a faint outline of my girdle seams between satin panels. You might even notice the shadow of the side front zipper on the front satin panel. Iíll be on the lookout for any delicious bulges that may develop in you young menís pants!!

 Of course Iíll wear my nylons and heels, elastic strap bra to joggle as I walk and accent my side fullness and cleavage. I think you will like it. Susie can help me make adjustments if I need help with fitting. And then Iíll have my rich makeup, vivid reddish orange spring lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, bouffant hairdo and pendant earrings. It will be so nice to see you and Jerry again and to get acquainted with Glen and Justin. Iíll give each of you a kiss in greeting, including a nice caress, hug and kiss for Susie.

 Iíll be seated, cross my legs in nylons and heels, and tease and flirt with my hose, thighs, garters and panties crotch. I hope and expect Glen and Justin may soon have eye-popping stares. You can let them know they can unzip and show me theyíre proud of their manhood . . . oooooooooo . . . Iíd love to see two young cocks, proudly erect, jutting toward me in admiring attention!! . . . and you know how I love firm young cock!! . . .

Iíll show you a few photos of my youthful development. As a teenager I developed a fascination with muscular shafts with bulbous heads. I experienced a domineering streak with an unrelenting, controlling grip.. Kissing and licking formed a prelude to that special gift to men. Then came my well developed strong demand for passion.

 Then as Susie assists me with my panties, Iíd love to fondle and suck each of your four cocks. Three of you can slowly stroke as you watch each young man have his turn. Then Iíd like to have you take me to a bedroom where I can receive each of you individually for a good, hard, private fuck. Each of you men can return to my bedroom several times if you wish. Susie can help me with my panties. Iíd like to give a pair of my panties to each young man as a souvenir, which he can use when he is alone to caress the silky softness on his cock, grasp his cock with the panties and spurt his juice into my panties . . . oooooooooo . . . Iíd love to know if young men enjoy my panties.

 If young men friends of yours in the neighborhood† drop in for a visit, I can receive them also if theyíre willing to wait their turn. Iíd love to get acquainted, suck their cocks, and have them fuck me.

 Muskie, Iím delighted to come visit your house . . . what a thrill!! . . . LOVE IT!! . . .