Note to a School Boy

Nice to hear from you, Ed! . . . I love your nice compliments!

You're such a sweet guy . . . It thrills me to know that you think of me, spend time with my pics and enjoy them.

While wearing my gold wool skirtsuit today, I could visualize your eyes roving over my nylons and knees as I sat there with my legs crossed. It does wonders for a woman's ego to have a man who appreciates her and gives her nice compliments. I'll be a little careless with my skirt as I uncross and recross my legs and watch your eyes. Maybe you'll tilt your head for a better view up my skirt to see my garters, taut stocking tops, soft thighs and perhaps my satiny panties.

Then when I give you a
seductive smile, you'll come up to me, kneel down in front of me and stroke your fingers over my shapely legs in nylons. You'll bring your lips up close, hug my legs with your hands and kiss my nylons. I can't help it, but I'll uncrossed my legs and give you a gasping swoon. I can feel your fingers probe up my skirt . . . feel my taut stocking tops . . . explore my garter clasps . . . caress my soft thighs . . . then your face probes up into the darkness under my skirt . . . your nose sniffs my bath soap, body powder, fragrance . . . your lips kiss my soft thighs . . . I like to feel you struggle . . . DETERMINED to reach my pussy . . . your lips and nose strain and stretch . . . your fingers clutch my womanly hips . . . my soft thighs hug your face . . . I feel your nose stroke my satiny panties crotch . . . your lips kiss my moist spot . . . your tongue struggles around and beneath my panties elastic leg band . . . your fingers stretch my panties aside . . . your lips kiss my wet pussy lips . . . your tongue licks . . . probes deeeeeeeep !! . . . tastes a WOMAN !! . . . Ooooooooooooo !! . . . what you DO to me !!

I'd love to hear from you again soon.