†††††††††† Pamís Party . . . .

It will be a delight to tease young Sam with my gold knit skirt, womanly hips, curvy derriŤre, garter hose and high heels.† Youíve alerted me that he shares Jerry's fascinations with my ass cheeks and anus, so I'll give him the complete treatment . . .† I'll watch his eyes as I grind my pelvis seductively and pivot repeatedly to flaunt my rounded derriŤre.† With my enameled nails and fingers Iíll lift my skirt to reveal my stockings tops, garters, and Crownette satin-panel, open-bottom girdle with elastic gores . . .† Iíll pivot . . . and pause repeatedly . . . to give his eyes ample visions of a mature woman's loveliness.

Then I'll do for Sam what I do for Jerry, still wearing my open bottom girdle, garter hose and heels, and of course NO PANTIES!! . . . I'll get on knees and elbows for Sam, just as I do for Jerry, raise my skirt to my hips . . . arch my derriere UP . . . fully exposing a mature woman's pussy and anus loveliness . . .† reach back with my glamorous nails and fingers spread my ass cheeks . . . fully exposing my pussy and anus for Samís lips and tongue.

It will be a delightful to feel his young teenage fingers on my derriere . . .love to have him give me nice kisses on the soft flesh as his fingers feel . . . I'll use my fingers and enameled red nails . . . grasp my ass cheeks and spread wide . . . inviting his nose and lips to fully explore my pussy and anus . . . I love to feel his nose as he probes and explores . . . feel his tongue as it licks and glides along my pussy lips . . . his nose probing and pressing my anus . . . his tongue kissing the soft and tender flesh, his tongue exploring all the little creases and folds of my anus . . . feel thrusts of his tongue stretching the opening as it feels the strength of the sphincter.

I suspect Samís experience with a mature woman will leave him with explosive confidence, breeding unrelenting, unwanted advances for attractive mature women, both married as well as unmarried.† His socially crude advances will likely make him an obnoxious little pest.† However, I would love to have him visit again and let me receive the brunt of those crude advances.