Leak House Bedroom

Continuing the Historic Homes tour, Branice turned from the sidewalk on Hall Street up the two steps to the entrance walk of the Leak house. She could feel the hem of her skirt brushing her knees and stretched nylons as each step of her high-heels clicked the sidewalk.

At the motel an hour earlier, Branice had followed her usual routine with a bath with her powder puff, powder and a generous use of her perfume atomizer before stepping into her panties and struggling into her pantygirdle. Next, she sat in the motel vanity chair to give her legs a glamour treatment with her Epilady. An application of skin lotion briskly massaged with her fingertips left her legs feeling smooth, hairfree and ready for nylons. Drawing her nylons up her legs, Branice felt the exhilaration with excitement as she felt the stockings hug her legs and savored the image of her glamorous legs in the mirror.

A beauty session at the motel desk/vanity, comfortably seated in her girdle and nylons, with plenty of makeup, lipstick and mascara, created a thrilling and glamorous image. To adequately mold her hips, Branice pulled on her Charmode panty girdle from Sears, a white, Size 38 panty girdle that nicely shapes a woman's hips and derriere. Her Jodee bra and  pantygirdle assure Branice a shapely foundation. Standing in her slip, nylons and high heels, Branice selected her off-white wool skirt from the closet alcove and continued her layette with her nubby-textured off-white sweater to compliment her skirt. She stepped into her skirt, drew it up to her waist, fastened the back button and zipper, giving her a smooth, trim look in front. In her high heels, nylons, sweater and skirt, Branice made a pirouette in front of the dressing mirror, savoring the thrill of being in a skirt she loves, an ideal skirt for meetings, conferences and trips to the ladies' room by a professional woman.

From the sidewalk, Branice stepped her high heel onto the wood front porch of the Leak house and entered the screen front door. She stepped into the entrance hallway and ascended the flight of stairs, brushing the hem of  her skirt on her nylons with each step as she reached the upstairs hallway and the front bedroom. The colonial bedspread and the hooked rug gave the room  a warm feeling as Branice glanced at her image in the dresser's beveled mirror. She could feel the bobble of her bra cups as she paused to pirouette and savor her image in the mirror. Like so many women with prominent breasts, Branice was delighted with her Jodee bra, which gave her such a glamorous line under her dresses.

The chair by the window looked so inviting that Branice strode toward it, turned and seated herself. Her Charmode panty girdle strained as her hips sank into the upholstery. Branice crossed her legs and began to savor the feel of the room with its inviting appointments. Her brown wig by Joanne and gold sheath dress by Maria presented a lovely image as Branice scanned the furnishings. The hem of her skirt draped gently on her knee as her garter hose support nylons moulded her legs and glistened in the sunlight.

A shuffling up the hallway steps interrupted her reverie and reminded Branice that other patrons were also on the tour. Soon the sounds of muffled steps and voices eminated from bedrooms diagonally across the second-floor hallway. Within moments the inquisitive gaze of a preschool boy appeared at the bedroom doorway across the room from Branice. His facial expression became intense as his gaze focused on Branice's crossed knees. To relieve his tension, Branice smiled and greeted, "Hello, how are you?" Somewhat relieved, he minced somewhat but did not offer a smile. Seeing the intensity of his interest, Branice uncrossed her legs and recrossed them in a maneuver contrived to carelessly reveal the tops of stockings, garters and even a flash of panties. As further greeting, Branice broke into a broad smile and gave this young man a delicious wink. Just at that moment the boy's mother grasped the little fellow's hand and urged him along, leaving Branice once again to her reverie.