I like to think of myself as an elegant woman, and I try to keep myself neatly groomed and dressed. I often wear knit skirts and sweaters, satiny beige panties, garter hose, panty girdle to shape my derriere, and my stretch strap bra for natural movement. Iíve often been told I have shapely legs so I like to wear my high heels.


Even though I may be old enough to be your mother, I enjoy the attention of a passionate young man. If youíve noticed a very attractive older woman and remember the way she looks, I hope youíll think of me and think Iím glamorous and attractive.


If you invite me to join you in your car, you'll notice my fragrance, garter hose, 5" heels and panties, along with my bouffant hairdo, lipstick and inviting smile. I hope your passions will be stirred for a glamorous woman.


Iíd love to get acquainted sometime . . . letís find a time when I can be available for you.