My Dear Branice:

Glad to hear from you !! . . .† Since you have been away I have been contemplating how we might meet and get acquainted. I enjoy hearing from you and seeing your photos, and I really enjoy a mature older woman. Even though Iím in my twenties, I have had a number of close friends in my motherís generation.

Let be begin by saying that I can envision our romantic rendezvous at an elegant hotel.

If a lady willing to wear a girdle for me, she deserves the absolute finest when it comes to a special meeting.† I would preplan our encounter so that everything occurs exactly in place in order to fulfill both of our most intimate fantasies.† I will arrive at the hotel well ahead of our appointed time, check in and make certain that everything is satisfactory.

At the appointed time, I will go down to the lobby and await your arrival.† I will plan on taking you out to dinner at a fine restaurant and perhaps to the theatre or maybe an evening concert.† I have always loved the elegance of fine art.†† I will wait for you in the lobby most likely wearing a conservative dark business suit (or maybe my tuxedo if appropriate for where we were going) and carrying a single red rose.† I would recognize you not only from your pictures, but by looking for an elegant mature lady wearing a knit dress, tanned stockings with luscious shapely legs and a nice pair of high heels.† We would then embrace and kiss passionately for perhaps the very first time.† Hand in hand we would then walk together.

I love most types of foods.† Depending upon your tastes, I would have made dinner reservations for us either at an Italian restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, or maybe some place that serves fresh seafood.† Over wine and dinner we would chat and begin getting to know one another through laughter and pleasant conversation.†

I would always be the one to open the doors for you and to help you with your chair like a true gentleman.

At the theatre (or at the concert), I would be sitting in a seat next to yours. The house lights inside of the theatre would slowly darken, the orchestra would begin to play and the entertainment would begin.† Sitting there in the dark with all eyes focused upon the stage, I would begin to relax and enjoy myself.†† Occasionally I would hold your hand; with both of our hands resting on your lap. Gradually I would begin to take my fingers and softly stroke the smoothness of your lap.† I would feel the knit fabric of your dress and softly probe for those little bulges along your thighs that indicate where your garters are.† At times I would place my hand upon your knee just to enjoy the smooth and silky feel of your stockings.† My hands would roam...but not too much.† After all, we are in a public place and the best is still to come.

After the performance, we would go back to the hotel.† Once we got back to the room, I would hang up your coat, and give you another hug with a warm and passionate kiss.† For perhaps the very first time I would place my hand upon your hips and feel the firmness of your girdle.† I would light a candle, turn on some soft music ... most likely jazz and pour you a glass of wine.† We would kiss once more and gradually proceed to undress each other. Each time that you take off a piece of my clothing, I will give you a kiss.† Each time I peel away something of yours, you in turn kiss me.††

I reach behind you and search for that long zipper in the back of your dress.† As it comes down, the blood starts rushing to my member and my passion for you starts to build.† I strip away your dress and kiss you once more.† I pull up your slip and probably spend the next five or maybe even ten minutes with my hands roaming all over your thighs and your bottom caressing every square inch of your girdle while passionately kissing your lips during the entire time.† My favorites have always been girdles of the long leg panty variety, and it along with the rest of your underwear are white in color.† I can't help but notice the heavenly feel of those satin panels.† You sit down on the edge of the bed while I drop to my knees.† I reach up to your thighs and I unhook your garters and I roll down your stockings.† You lift up for a moment, and I peel down your girdle.† To me, it is symbolic of the sweet surrender that I am about to enjoy.† I reach behind your back, unfasten your bra, and gently rub your shoulders where the straps of your bra had been.† I strip away your panties, and I begin to fondle every fold within your southern flower.† I kiss your breasts and for a moment or so, I suck on the tips.† You bend your knees, grab me by my pulsating member and slide me inside of the sweet moistness of your flower.† You engulf me to the hilt...all nine inches!† You drop down your face and kiss the roots of my shaft. The only sounds in our room at that moment is the jazz which is being played on the stereo and our sounds of passion.† Naked we lay there in our own little Garden of Eden, your high heels flailing, and both of us indulging in some of the most incredible sex that either of us has ever experienced.††

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Your distinguished black lover in Boston,


Fantasy Rendezvous