Text Box: The girdle that caused Branice such intense humiliation by Aunt Freda was an especially nice All-in-One garment of the 1940s. The richly designed All-in-One in lustrous rayon and cotton batiste had  smart fagotted detail under each bracup and down the front panel on both sides.
Branice had tried on the girdle many times. With zipper and hook-and-eye opening, a woman steps into the garment with both bra straps on the right side. She can then pull the girdle up over her hips, letting the garment drape loosely around her waist. At this point she can slip the left shoulder strap over her head, fitting her head between the straps. Now she can grasp the lower portion of the girdle with her fingers and tug the garment down snuggly over her hips. The bra is now at the proper level and she can feel her breasts slip into the bracups. After leaning over slightly to allow her breasts to settle into and expand the bracups, she can begin to fasten the entire length of the hook-and-eye closure and then to zip-up the zipper. This girdle always feels firm and secure. The waist always feels firmly constricted. The breasts are firmly uplifted and projected forward to eliminate any natural movement. The side zip with its hook-and-eye closure gives a smooth fit. The boned front panel is very firm and always noticeable, especially when sitting. To many adult women, this girdle would seem more controlling than appropriate for a teenage girl. No wonder that Aunt Freda though it hilarious that Branice had such a girdle.