Aunt Lucille had two girdles that Branice was fond of trying on and wearing. One was a lacy little two-way-stretch girdle (very pretty and dainty in white) that was just enough to support Aunt Lucille's hose. The other was a Nude (pale flesh pink color) side-zip girdle with a lightly boned satin front panel. This girdle had generous rayon and elastic sides and a deep gore at the bottom front of the satin panel. The back panel of the girdle was boneless satin with little elastic side gores near the garters. The lightly-boned front satin panel had a dainty stitched design. The satin front panel had a hook-and-eye and Talon zip closing on the side of the panel. The garment had six garters to securely support hose. This girdle of Aunt Lucille's could easily become a woman's favorite girdle, tailored with lustrous rayon and cotton satin for glamorous beauty.

The girdle had lycra and rayon elastic side panels to stretch with your figure, yet hold and mould your hip line. When the new girdle becomes "broken-in" with a curved band of wear creases  across the satin front panel between the abdomen and the upper thigh, these wear creases will extend into the elastic fabric of each side panel. Each woman's hip torso anatomy will mold the girdle as she wears it, especially with her slimmer fashions of dresses and skirts. Sitting on the surfaces of firmer chairs and bench seats, her hips will spread, forcing the side panel elastic of the girdle to take a set to her own hip torso anatomy. Over a period of days and weeks, the elastic fabric of the side panels of her girdle, and the stretched fabric of her slim skirts as well, will begin to take a permanent set of wear creases that reveal each woman's individual features of hip torso anatomy.

Matching elastic gore at bottom front and top back give release where needed for comfortable fit when you sit, stand or bend. A new girdle will become "broken-in" with a curved band of wear creases  across the satin front panel beneath the abdomen and above the upper thigh. After a few days of wear, a new girdle will retain the characteristic molded shape or "set" of an individual woman's torso. In some weeks, the V-gore of the front satin panel and each of the individual garters will retain characteristic shapes and sets in the stretch that will each portray its own personality beneath a woman's fashions. A high quality girdle will have a furry velvet binding along the lower band to provide a soft hug to a woman's thigh and prevent chafing as she walks.

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