Text Box: Leather skirts are for that certain kind of woman who thrills to the delicious hug of luxury brushing her curves. Ms. Branice feels that leather skirts fulfill her womanly desire to be glamorous. At her home the other day, she wore her black leather skirt with a red silky blouse topped with her tan corduroy jacket.
“I just feel so sensuous,” she said as she sat in a green parlor chair and crossed her legs. “Leather skirts bring out the ‘show-off’ in me.”
Her hips were well controlled in her panty girdle beneath her panty hose and topped with a very lacy pair of pink panties.
“I love my panties with lace,” she confessed.
Lipstick and makeup completed her glamour look as she arched forward, cocked her head and pursed her lips.
“Like so many women, I just enjoy the look and the feel.,” said Branice.
Elementary Teacher’s Influence
“Miss Bramley, my fourth-grade teacher, certainly influenced my development,” said Branice. “I always wanted to grow up to be just like Alice Bramley with smoothly-fitting skirts, girdles and panties over my hips and thighs.”
Branice uncrossed her legs, recrossed them and finger-smoothed the hem of her leather skirt over her slip.
“Miss Bramley's hips and thighs bulged as she rested her hips on the edge of her desk,” said Branice. “Her slim skirt revealed the seams and elastic panels in her girdle. Her nylons glistened as she worked. Her blouse bulged with her fullness in her full-cup brassiere.”
Branice emphasized her point with an arched back and erect-posture outline of her Jodee bra.
“Like so many women, I enjoy wearing the really feminine things,” said Branice as she paused a moment to adjust her own skirt and discretely check the hem of her skirt and her lace slip.
Jodee Bra Emphasized Figure
Her Jodee bra that Branice wore emphasized her lovely figure.
“My side fullness needs the extra support,” she confided.
As Branice pulled back the front of her jacket and arched forward stiffly, her blouse outlined the cup-seams of her Jodee bra. The bra was low-cut for wear with a V-neck blouse to reveal a deep cleavage.
“I enjoy wearing this Jodee bra,” said Branice, “Miss Rosa Paisley fitted the women iand influenced my choice in bras and girdles.”
With her Jodee bra bulging her blouse, Branice fingered the antique watch that was her grandmother's.
Shopping with Mother
“Standing at the dressing room curtain and clutching my doll, Lucy Jane, I could see garters sink into plump thigh flesh as a customer reached for a girdle lying on the edge of the dressing table,” said Branice.
“Gossard girdles and Warner's brassieres were popular with the Wadesboro women, and Rosa Paisley personally hand-fitted each customer's bra and girdle.”
“I'm not the type of woman that chooses only the most practical fashions,” said Branice. “I enjoy dressing to develop my self-image as a lovely and sophisticated woman.”
Branice squirmed her hips and arched forward, fully projecting her Jodee bra.
Fannie Sue Influenced Her Childhood Development 
“Fannie Sue influenced my childhood development and early school years,” said Branice. “Fannie Sue wore firmly supporting bras which gave her a striking projection. Her girdles were firm and fitted with garters that tightly stretched her nylons over her legs. As a first grader, I looked up at her each day and wanted to become exactly like her - my legs in stockings like hers, my hips in a girdle like hers, my bustline fully developed in a brassiere like hers, and my face adorned with rich makeup like hers.”
Branice reached down and finger-smoothed the ankle and leg of her nylon pantyhose.
Shopping at Department Store
“When I shop in a department store, I usually go first to the intimate apparel department to see the selection of panties and girdles,” said Branice. “If they have panties, bras or girdles on sale, I usually choose several pair of panties and a bra or girdle that I charge to my account.”
Personal Corsetiere, Rose
“Rose, my own personal corsetier, showed me many of the popular brands of bras. I'm sure I have tried-on at least one style bra of all of the major brands. As we examined bras together, Rose would point out the features and suggest that I stretch the elastic with my fingers, flex the coilwire boning, rub and feel the satiny fabric and notice the quality of the back hooks and the strap adjustments. Through Rose's training, I believe I have developed an intimate and enlarged understanding of bras.”
“Swish!,” went her nylons as Branice uncrossed her legs, recrossed them and finger smoothed her lace-trimmed slip and skirt hem around her knees.
Underwoman Spoppe 
The Underwoman Spoppe is a frequent shopping place for Branice.
"I enjoy taking advantage of the sales to buy my panties," she said. "Miss Alice Bramley in Wadesboro influenced my selection in panties."
Branice looks through the racks of panties, frequently stopping to admire a style, feel the lace and cotton shield and to imagine how smoothly it would fit around the crotch.
A touch of lace from her frilly slip peeked from beneath her leather skirt. Branice beamed a lovely smile and seemed to thrill with the thought of someone admiring her knees framed with a lacy slip and the hem of a leather skirt.
Aunt Lucille's Girdle
"Like so many little pre-adolescent girls, I frequently enjoyed 'dressing up' and zipping into my Aunt Lucille's girdle," said Branice. "What little girl would not thrill to dress up in her aunt's clothes."

Text Box: Leather Skirts Thrill Elegant Mature Lady