Text Box:   What do you dream about when you are alone? These dreams or thoughts you have when all alone reveal your true self. It is only natural that you dream about yourself a great deal. You see yourself wearing the kind of clothes you have always wanted, meeting the kind people you like best, doing the things you most want to do. Perhaps you see yourself singing a beautiful solo before an enthusiastic audience, or dressed in a nurse's uniform, or teaching school, or supervising sewing. You may see yourself in a wedding veil, standing before the altar. You may have actually thought of your home with a fireplace and dining room and with yourself as the charming hostess.
 If, after you have dreamed yourself beautiful, the dream inspires you to have the manicurist make your nails glamorous or to have yourself fitted for a wig that is alluring and sexy, then your dream has helped to make you beautiful. You may even be inspired to have your breasts enlarged with a breast implant.
 What do you and your best girl friend talk about when you two are alone? Naturally you talk about yourselves a great deal, about your clothes -- oh, yes, a great deal about your clothes the colors in which you look best, your last new dress, and how you like the new styles. You even discuss how you like the color of your own eyes and hair and how you yearn to make yourself more attractive with a breast implant. You feel free to say to each other quite frankly that you like yourself in a particular girdle with your favorite dress. You will talk about things you are doing the last time you sang a solo, played the piano, how you looked, how you could have improved upon your success.
Gossip Talk
You talk about the other boys and girls you know. How does the conversation run? This boy is handsome, smart? This girl is something else? The question is: Do you and your best girl friend gossip in your Shady Nook? Girls find it hard not to gossip. Gossip is a mean little word; it describes a mean habit one that is easy to fall into and hard to escape from. Girls, whenever you find yourselves talking unkindly about other people, stop!
A Little Bitch
Another warning for a young girl: don't be a little bitch. It is a word that is contemptuous and insulting, the ultimate put-down for a woman. For while a bitch is assertive and confrontational, she is also downright mean, often using sharp-edged wit to skewer those around her. A nasty, narcissistic streak sets her apart from women who are simply aggressive or abrasive. A bitch is unforgivably self-centered.
Let's face it; almost everyone is bitchy occasionally. When we're not feeling well or just fed up, we may lash out. But that's temporary. Whether they're confrontational or covert manipulators, bitches continually think only of themselves and ride roughshod over others feelings.
Even though we don't admire bitchiness, we are intrigued by it. When a bitch vents her anger and frustration, she stops people in their tracks. By paying attention to her, they give her the power she craves. But while they may have to tolerate her, they don't have to like her; in fact, they'll get revenge at the first opportunity.
Are women biologically wired to be bitchy? At least for some women, the answer is a resounding yes. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) a group of symptoms that occur in the week prior to the onset of a woman's menstrual period affects approximately 90 percent of all women. Half specifically complain of increased irritability or emotional instability. But every young girl should realize that as a grown young woman she could become a real bitch.