What little girl would not thrill to dress up in her aunt's clothes?  Pretty dresses, blouses, and skirts offer so many possible variations that a curious little girl must try-on each outfit to see in the mirror how she looks.  Beneath the dresses and skirts, the unique, hugging feel of a girdle and the constricting feel of a bra create an indelible impression.  A little girl soon looks forward to the day when she will be a grown woman and will wear her own dresses with bra, girdle, high heels and nylons.

Branice often recalls the overall glamour and thrill that began with the basement-room discovery of a trunk full of her Aunt Lucille's clothes.  What delightful hours awaited Branice in Aunt Lucille's trunk!   As an attractive lady in her forties, Aunt Lucille left many dresses, blouses and skirts, sweaters, suits and of course her slips, girdles, bras, panties.

When Branice first opened the trunk, she could hardly wait to try on one of Aunt Lucille's dresses.  Immediately, Branice thrilled to the feel of being dressed in a grown woman's clothes, especially a woman's girdles. One of Aunt Lucille's girdles was a girdle so typical of the 1940's, a boned-front, tearose-satin girdle with side-front zipper.  Six garters provided secure support for Aunt Lucille's nylons.  The girdle felt so snug and secure as it hugged the hips, and yet, it had much freedom with the open bottom and only the feel of silky panties.  The feel of the six garters pressing against her thighs provided a continuing thrill as they tugged to support the stockings.  Like so many little pre-adolescent girls, Branice frequently enjoyed "dressing up" in her aunt's dresses.  As Branice often recalled, "I thoroughly enjoyed the feel of zipping myself into Aunt Lucille's girdle."

Dressed in Aunt Lucille's clothes, Branice spent many delightful hours savoring her transformation from a preteen to the realistic feeling of an elegant woman.  As a young teenager, when Aunt Lucille's clothes began to show the wear, Branice began dreaming of her own new dresses, skirts, bras and girdles for her wardrobe.  Within her limited budget, Branice fulfilled her desire with purchases of a few dresses, bras, girdles and pairs of nylons.  Even in college, a crowded schedule of studies did not prevent Branice from acquiring pretty, feminine clothes and dressing up frequently as an attractive young woman.

As Branice continued through the years to develop herself in the image of an elegant woman, the thrill began with the discovery of Aunt Lucille's trunk and the feel of Aunt Lucille's boned-front, tearose-satin girdle.

Aunt Lucille's Trunk