Black-and-White-Stripe Cocktail Sweater

 You've been invited to a cocktail party, and what should you wear?  Fortunately for Branice, a shopping trip to Casual Woman has provided one of her favorite party outfits.  While shopping with the women among the racks of dresses, sweaters and skirts at Casual Woman, Branice spied a black-and-white-stripe sweater that is bold and elegant.  The sweater is highlighted with slender gold-flecked bands between the black-and-white stripes.

On a party evening,  Branice follows her bath with her powder puff, powder and a generous use of her perfume atomizer before stepping into her panties and struggling into her girdle. With her Charmode pantygirdle moulding her hips and thighs, she sits in her boudoir chair to give her legs a glamour treatment with her Epilady. An application of skin lotion briskly massaged with her fingertips leaves her legs feeling smooth, hairfree and ready for nylons.  Drawing her National thigh-high support hose up her legs, Branice feels exhilarated with excitement as she feels the stockings hug her legs and savors the image of her smooth, glamorous legs in the mirror.

A beauty session at her vanity, comfortable seated in her girdle and nylons, with plenty of makeup, lipstick and mascara, create a thrilling image of glamorous beauty in her oval vanity mirror.  Standing in her slip and nylons, Branice selects her black-and-white-stripe sweater from the closet and also her black knit skirt that she bought from The Special Image using her Special Image credit card. Branice steps in her high heels over to her dressing mirror and pulls on her black knit skirt.  She smooths

her black knit skirt over her Charmode pantygirdle and twirls for a profile view of her Jodee bra to assure a shapely foundation for her black-and-white-stripe sweater.  As she draws the black-and-white-stripe sweater over her head and smooths it down over her slip, the knit material feels good on her arms and around her bra.  Her full-hip Charmode pantygirdle gives a smooth line for her hips and thighs.  One look in her dressing mirror gives Branice once again the thrill of being in a sweater and skirt outfit she loves.  Her black-and-white-stripe sweater coordinated with her black knit skirt is an ideal cocktail party outfit for a mature woman with large breasts.

Branice likes the feel of her black-and-white-stripe sweater coordinated with her black knit skirt: the way the taffeta lining of the black knit skirt constricts her steps with a tug on her thighs with each stretch of a step; the way her slip and the hem of her skirt cling around her knees; the way her black-and-white-stripe sweater emphasizes the prominence of her Jodee bra, bulging with a prosthesis in each bra cup; and the way her black-and-white-stripe sweater encourages a second look at her face, so richly made-up and framed by her 10% gray wig styled by Joan.  A few final twirls before her full-length dressing mirror assure Branice that she is dressed to make her dramatic entrance at a cocktail party. However, when Branice sits and crosses her legs, her black knit skirt tends to hike-up, and she must be especially cautious to avoid an immodest display of slip, pantygirdle or even a flash of glistening panties.