Mother's friend Fannie Sue and her daughter Frances were an early role model for Branice. As Fannie Sue and Frances sat side-by-side in church on Sunday morning, their rich makeup and immaculately groomed hairdos made an enviable scene for a little girl. With rays of sunlight streaming-in through the stain-glass windows, the nylons of both mother and daughter glistened as they sat in the pew with their legs crossed. Fannie Sue's breasts were large and prominent and received the support of a full-cup bra with three hook-and-eye fasteners on the back closure. Being a younger woman, Frances needed less support in her bra, since her breasts had not been developed by a pregnancy and since her breasts had not been enlarged through breast implant surgery. From the way the women glanced at each other and smiled during the services, a little girl would think that mother and daughter had gone shopping together and that Fannie Sue had assisted Frances in the selection of bras. Surely Fannie Sue must have watched as Frances tried-on new bras and must have suggested styles of bras that would be most glamorous for her daughter. The mother-daughter relation of Fannie Sue and Frances inspired Branice to imagine herself also in an intimate mother-daughter relationship.

Her Role Models

Ms Branice

Role Models — Fannie Sue and Frances