Text Box: Part of the pleasure of dressing is the slide of satiny, silky clothes against your skin -- clothes you can imagine wearing forever. Softness on the outside requires a smooth line underneath with firmly disciplined girdle control, and everything's lavishly frosted with lace. Lipstick and powder are for romance. So go on -- fall in love with the just-for-you Elizabeth Arden beauty needs. And what better accent could there be than Elizabeth Arden moist lipstick for the dreamy, gleamy new collection of satiny shapes curving upward at the hem for a tantalizing show of leg. Savor the ultimate fantasy in your mirror with the frosted lace rippling, swaying, making waves with every step and the provocative Pink Brilliant lips. Every now and then variation gives enormous pleasure, and for Branice, tonight's her night to look sensational.
Pleasure of Dressing