For a little girl in the fourth grade, Branice having a teacher such as Alice was sure to prompt a girl’s vision of becoming a glamorous woman. As a spinster, Alice was fastidious in her actions and appearance. Day-after-day, Alice wore attractive fashions and accessories that etched an indelible impression on Branice. Alice wore rich makeup and lipstick to complement and accent her lovely fashions. Her silky dresses draped over her girdle and hung in soft folds down her thighs. The hem of her dresses fluttered over the lace of her slips and brushed teasingly at her knees. Her breasts were pendulous and gently supported by bras with stretchy straps. Stepping across the room in front of the class, her bracups revealed an uncontrollable joggle and her skirt would swing from side-to-side, caressing her knees. Her legs were shapely and beautifully accented by her nylons and high heels. Her seamed stockings glamorized her legs, both when she had her back to the class at the blackboard and when she was seated in one of the little student-chairs with her legs crossed, teaching a small circle-group of pupils.

Fourth Grade Teacher - Alice Lampley