Text Box: CW Brown Polyester Straight Skirt


CW Brown Polyester Straight Skirt. Snug, sexy fit around hips. Nicely designed to display a woman's hips and derriere; may get some attention from the men. I wear this skirt often. National brown beige support hose with tan high-heel sandals. Love to wear it.

Ready to Get Dressed  —  With this skirt I choose as my girdle my curves-molding Girdle Derriere.

Ready for some social excitement.

Implants Akimbo  —  Teenage Passion  — 


Sweaters List  — 

LACY-HERRINGBONE Princess Long-Sleeve, NATURAL  — 

  —  or  — 

BOTERO Turtleneck Sweater, OFF-WHITE. Perfect sweater-girl look with Natural prosthesis. Sexy profile.


Elura wig.  Brown shoulder-length.  Strong resemblance AEL.  Very nice mother-daughter resemblance.


Pearle glasses.  Speckled frames.  Very becoming with brown wig and sweater and skirt.  Nice clear vision; good reading glasses.


Earrings.  Gold large-elliptical earrings. Youthful look for a mature woman


Coty face powder.  Suntan color.  Loose powder with puff.  Pressed powder touch-up.  Musk body powder and Musk perfume smell nice.


Natural Wonder blush.


Shiny Scarlet lipstick.  Smells nice.


Nitie Bra  —  Nips Squeeze in Kitchen  — 

Wynette bra.  Beige,  Size 44C.  Bracups bulge with Natural prosthesis. Stretchy straps give plenty of natural movement.


Derriere Revealed  —  Fan-Laced, Boned-Waist Corset  — 

Fan-Laced Garterbelt  — 

Waist Nipper Jacquard Open-Bottom Girdle Nude —

Size 38.  Nicely shapes a woman’s waistline. Hook-and-eye side closure. I wear my panties over the garters and girdle, which makes my personal life quick and convenient.


Maidenform panties.  Smooth, Silky Pink. Just enough stretch around the crotch panel to feel really nice.

Panties and Hose Outdoors  —  Platinum Nails Spread  —


No slip this time. This skirt is a no-see-through that hugs every curve of the panty girdle. It gives a girl a nice sexy feeling.


Garterbelt and Hose —  Seams and Ankle Straps  —  National thigh-high support stockings.  Brown beige color nicely complements brown skirt.   Legs freshly stripped of hair with Epilady for a very smooth, glistening look.

Seamed Brown Hose  —  Hose Garters  — 


Shoes List  —   "Orange Scales" High Heel  —

Brown Open-Toe High-Heel  — 

Brown Pointy-Toe Spike Heels  —

Brown Suede Open-Toe Platform High Heel  — 

Very comfortable for a high-heel, gives a glamorous look with sheer stockings.


Youthful, sensuous sweater and skirt set for a young-matron woman; nice mother-daughter resemblance; eyecatching bustline joggle.

Hose Knee Tease  —  Implants Akimbo  — 


Flirty Legs on the Sofa  —  Rust Upholstery  — 

Sofa Pillows Flirt  — 

Persistently aware of weight in bracups and bustline jounce. Support hose hug legs.  Girdle uncomfortable but controls Kotex bulge for a smooth front.



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