Text Box: Royal Blue Dress - Maria


Royal Blue Dress - Maria, Custom made. Sleeves fit nicely. Nice rich feel with beige Wynette bra. Constrictive stretch of skirt with each step in high heels. Feels sensuous and nice.

New Hairdo  —  At Her Best  — 


Paula Young Lorna Wig.  10% Gray.  Strong resemblance AEL.  Very nice mother-daughter resemblance.


Pearle glasses.  Speckled frames.  Very becoming with brown wig and sweater and skirt.  Nice clear vision; good reading glasses.

Enjoying Her Pool  — 


Earrings.  Gold large-elliptical earrings. Youthful look for a mature woman.

Pendant Earrings  — 


Coty face powder.  Suntan color.  Loose powder with puff.  Pressed powder touch-up.  Musk body powder and Musk perfume smell nice.

Eye Makeup  — 


Natural Wonder blush.

Sleek Makeup Blush  — 


Shiny Scarlet lipstick.  Smells nice.

Lipstick Shades  — 


Arms Up  at  Her Party  —  Lacy Underwire Bra  —

Wynette bra.  Beige,  Size 44C.  Bracups bulge with Natural prosthesis. Stretchy straps give plenty of natural movement.


Satin Panel Boned Girdle  —  Panty Girdle Rear  — 

I wear my panties over this girdle, just as my mother did. Satin front panel is well boned. Not completely comfortable, but I keep my legs crossed.

Fan-Laced, Boned-Waist Corset  — 

White Side-Laced Corset  — 


Olga panties.  Nude. Lace appliquι on side front. Just enough stretch around the crotch panel to feel really nice.

Teases a Panties Peek  —  Black Panties  — 

Lounging in the Blue Room  — 


A slip that hugs every curve of the panty girdle. It gives a girl a nice sexy feeling.

Slips List  — 


National thigh-high support stockings.  Tealeaf color.   Legs freshly stripped of hair with Epilady for a very smooth, glistening look.

Seamed Full-Fashioned Stockings  — 


Shoes List  — 

Black High-Heel Pump  — 

Black Pointy-Toe Spike Heels  —

Black Patent Spike-Heel Pumps  —

Red Patent Spike-Heel Pumps  — 

Red Platform Sling Pump  — 

Coward shoes.  Not completely comfortable, but give a glamorous look with sheer stockings.


Youthful, elegant custom tailored dress for a mature woman; nice mother-daughter resemblance; eyecatching bustline bounce.


Visits Vanderbilt Daughter’s Bedroom  — 

Continuously aware of weight in bracups and bra bounce.  Support hose hug legs.  Girdle uncomfortable but controls Kotex bulge for a smooth front.




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